Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Taking advantage of SLU Chamber’s 401(k) member benefit program

The best part of walking into Oculus Eyecare is the immediate sense of style.  

Owner Jeff Woerner works hard to curate an incredible selection of eyewear.  Come to find out, representatives fly directly from Europe to deliver Jeff’s exclusive selection.  It’s amazing what you find out when visiting members!

Jeff is also one of the first members to vet and ultimately adopt our exclusive 401(k) program.  As a business owner in a bustling local economy, he wanted to enhance employee benefits to reward and retain staff while helping them save for retirement.  “After researching all of the 401(k) options, the SLU Chamber’s plan made the most sense for my growing business.

In 2014, the Chamber introduced an exclusive 401(k) Plan enabling members to offer a retirement plan built on a model of services that includes a local, boutique financial service provider.

“It had everything I wanted,” says Mr. Woerner.  This includes best in class investment options and risk based portfolios.  “And it came with an on-site small business financial advisor!”

Starting today, you can expect to see and hear more about our 401(k) benefit program via active chamber outreach.  We’re excited to provide the opportunity for you to tell your story and take advantage of this exciting new member benefit.

In the meantime, visit Jeff and his friendly staff on the corner of Denny and Dexter.  
“We were met with open arms right from the start.  SLU is a great place to have a business.”

To find out more today, you can call the Chamber office directly (206) 547-2577, or email director@SLUchamber.org.  You can also reach out to the program’s financial advisor, Jason McKinney with your detailed questions - (206) 271-9917, jmckinney@ifclegacy.com.

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